Thailand has at least 50 casualties without any Chinese citizens

The report quoted Ayutthaya police as saying
BEIJING, Sept. 18 / PRNewswire-FirstCall / - A ferry ship carrying more than 150 people fanned in the Chao Phraya River near the capital city of Bangkok, killing at least 13 people and injuring 37 others. The whereabouts are unknown. According to the Bangkok "Bangkok Post" reported that the local time at around 4 pm on the 18th, the double ferry to the Chao Phraya River along the ancient capital of the city (about 80 km north of Bangkok) hit a concrete flood dam, causing passenger ships Turn over. The report quoted Ayutthaya police as saying that the victims included six men, six women and one child. At present, the authorities are organizing search and rescue overnight, and the number of casualties may rise further. As a tourist destination, Ayutthaya ruins famous, popular tourists favor. As of press time, there is no news of foreigners casualties. Chinese Embassy in Thailand told the media, with the Ayutthaya police confirmed that the accident no Chinese citizens casualties. According to Ayutthaya police, involved in the ship's more than 150 passengers mostly from the middle of the warmth of the House, are Muslims. On the 18th they went to the Ayutthaya Mosque and took part in the Muslim traditional celebration, and the result was an accident on the way home. Thailand's public television station quoted the shipping department officials as saying that the passenger ship approved capacity of only 50 people. The authorities are now skeptical that the passenger ship is out of control due to a severe overload and a turbulent flow. As the implementation of passenger regulations is not strict, Thailand ship trouble occurred. In May this year, a speedboat in the resort near the waters of Samui suffered heavy waves, resulting in Hong Kong from China, Britain and Germany, three tourists were killed, and more than tourists were injured. (Finish)

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